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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word that means ‘Universal Life Force’. This Life Force is present in all things. The practice of Reiki is very ancient dating back in written records to 2500 years ago and is believed to be much older. It is the laying on of hands and the directing of Life Force through energy transfer. This Life Force may be directed to another individual, animal or object. Reiki is very gentle, non-invasive yet very powerful. The more one channels Reiki and the more one receives Reiki energy, the more energy sensitive one becomes. Everyone can be trained to channel Reiki. Reiki is different from any other form of hands on healing as Reiki has an attunement process, where students are linked up to the Source of all Universal Energy. One is taught to be humble; it is the energy doing the healing and not the practitioner themselves.

Rei meaning life force and Ki meaning energy. The use of Enlightened Japanese Healing Symbols (received by the Monk Usui) over the Chakra centers to clear, reorganize and heal emotional stifling that has caused physical dis-ease. This process integrates into the Aura and Chakras, Divine Universal Healing Energies to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The patient remains fully clothed and relaxes on a massage table, while gentle healing hands are placed without pressure on the Chakra Centers. Angels, Saints, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters may be called to assist in healing.

What can Reiki do?

Reiki heals on all levels; this includes the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It goes to the source of the imbalance and heals the cause of it. Reiki has know to heal tumors, cancer, cysts, align the spine, shift organs into place, detoxify the body, heal organs, heal wounds, and burns, reduce side effects of chemical drugs, reduce stress, alleviate headaches. Reiki also assists with emotional release, healing depression and emotional imbalances, healing karmic and mental patterns, releasing negativity and negative entity attachments, healing the aura and chakras (non-physical energy centers), healing past life issues, and assisting in Spiritual healing to name a few. There are no negative side effects to Reiki.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki energy flows into the practitioner, through their body and out their hands. The practitioner’s energy does not transfer to the patient. The practitioner’s energy and the patients energy is kept separate by the ancient Japanese symbols used and by the intention set by the practitioner. Only the Universal Life Force Energy is transferred to the patient. As Reiki is flowing through the practitioner they receive Reiki healing at the same time as they are giving Reiki to another. Reiki practitioners are not using their own energy but are channeling ‘Universal Life Force’ so they do not use their own energy or become depleted in any way, after a session. As a matter of fact, I tend to feel very calm, balanced and energized after the session I give. The Life Force Energy comes down through the crown chakra and up through the feet from Mother Earth. This Life Force will clean out the chakra system as one agrees to become a channel of energy. Therefore Reiki is an excellent path for self development and Healing.

History of Reiki

Written records date Reiki back to 2500 years ago and the symbol formulas are found in ancient texts from Northern India and Tibet where it is believed to have originated. It is believed to date back to even more ancient times such as in the time of Atlantis and the continent of MU.  Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Monk and teacher, rediscovered the technique of Reiki in the late 1800’s and named them Reiki, often called Usui Reiki, named in honor of him. After meditating for three weeks on Mt. Koriyama, a light struck his third eye (which I consider to be a moment of Enlightenment) and gave him information on the symbol formulas, as well as what they meant and how and under which circumstances to use them. Coming down the mountain he experienced what is known as the Four Miracles. He healed himself of two physical ailments, he healed a young teen aged girl who was serving him a meal and he healed an arthritic monk, upon his return to the monastery.

How does it work?

Healing takes place as long as the person wants to heal or receive Life Force Energy on any level. It is not necessary to believe in it for it to work, it will work anyway. The best way to learn about Reiki is to experience it yourself. During Reiki treatments, the client remains fully clothed and gentle healing hands are placed on their chakra centers, as well as other documented areas. You may feel the hands warm up in certain places and that means you are taking in Life Force Energy. All you are responsible for doing is relaxing your mind, breathing deeply in order to begin the relaxation process, and to have an open heart to healing. Just relax and enjoy the session. Many of my clients fall asleep and dream deeply. Some clients release emotions and cry a little during their session. This is not uncommon and should not be of concern. Some clients see colors, lights, Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirit Animals or images and messages from loved ones who have passed on.

Healing is one step at a time and not all healing will take place in one single session. Reiki healing is subtle and heals at a very deep level. You may not even know what is being healed at the time. Just be in the moment, listen to your intuitive guidance and let the Reiki flow. The more relaxed you are, the better the energy flows. We simply ask that ‘whatever needs to happen during this session, let it happen for the Highest Good of all’. Credit is given to the client for healing.  A Reiki practitioner is simply someone who is trained to channel the Life Force Energy and assist the process of healing. Reiki is not meant to take the place of conventional diagnosis or treatment of illnesses but can be an effective tool to compliment and assists them. 

How do I know it is working?

The more you use Reiki, the easier it will be for you to tune into the energy it brings during your sessions. We are always working on healing at some level. If you are tired, ill or going through emotional issues, a Reiki practitioner can assist your body’s natural healing abilities, by bringing more Life Force Energy into the body. Through your intention, allow the flow of Reiki through your body and keep practicing it and trusting it. Energy work is subtle and the more you work with it the more you will become aware of its sensitive energy. Think about how you feel later that day, after your session and/or in the days following your session. Drinking plenty of water is advisable, as Reiki washes toxins from the body. It is not unusual to feel rested after a session and to want to go home and sleep more to integrate the healing. Try not to go into hectic places after your session, as you may feel more sensitive to noise and crowds.

Reiki for animals and others

Animals love having Reiki healing sessions. You can tell by the way they become quiet and by the relaxed look on their faces that express they are sensing and enjoying the Life Force Energy being channeled. Animals can simply tell when someone truly cares about them and is trying to help. Animals sense how much energy they can absorb and I’ve noticed that when a small dogs or cats has had enough energy, they become fidgety. I can also tell when the energy is enough, usually this is after five to ten minutes. Children and babies also require less Reiki energy but love it as well. The elderly and the dying can improve their quality of life with Reiki and if they are unable to come to us, we are taught how to send the energy over long distances. Crystals are sometimes used on the chakra (energy centers) during sessions in order to enhance the flow of energy through the pathways. Crystals can also be utilized to remove past life influences that are usually thicker and denser types of energy.

What is a cleanse

A cleanse is a period of time where release takes place for a person receiving a Reiki treatment. On a physical level, they are releasing toxins from their body. On an emotional level, they may be letting go of unhealthy emotional attachments or detrimental mental patterns. This may initially cause them to feel a little bit   uncomfortable, sleepy or even tired. They may think their condition has become a bit worse. This is normal as the body is releasing and this is actually a positive event. As humans, we have been conditioned to believe that where there is discomfort, there is illness. This is not always the case. We can also feel a little uncomfortable when the body is transitioning from dis-ease to a state of well being. Shifting can sometimes make us feel physically uncomfortable where we had been previously injured. If we focus our minds on the fact that this can be a positive turn of events, we give our bodies a fighting chance to allowing positive change to happen. Discomfort is unusual, and if there is any at all, it typically lasts only one to three days, after a Reiki session. It is helpful to drink plenty of water after the session and for the next few days. What is happening in this case, is that as Life Force Energy is directed to the person, lower vibrational energies and toxins are being released. New space is being cleared for more Life Force Energy to be held in the person. This situation can be compared to a computer disk of information, you need to delete the old files (old conditions or emotions) to allow space for the new.

 If you are feeling any real discomfort, you should consult your family doctor about the cause. If you experience serious pain, that is not Reiki energy.  Remember, Reiki energy promotes wellbeing on all levels and knows exactly where to go for your utmost good. Nothing will happen unless you have given permission and are ready, willing and able to gently experience and release whatever it is that needs to be released, without any harm coming to you.

What a Reiki Treatment is and Does

Reiki balances and works on four levels of existence. These levels are: the physical (the body and manifesting pain), the emotional (what you are feeling), the mental (what you are allowing yourself to think) and the Spiritual (your capacity to love yourself and others and your level of connectedness to your Higher Self, your Spirit and to your guidance).

Reiki works on the cause of the imbalance and illness, meaning it treats the illness or imbalance rather than the symptoms. Reiki accelerates healing, which may cause some initial discomfort. You will heal at a faster rate if you are relaxed and allow the energy to flow through your body. Most people fall asleep during Reiki sessions. You may see Reiki energy as colors, feel it as pure love or you may simply feel peaceful and serene during and after your sessions.

What do I do during a treatment? What should I expect?

Shoes, glasses, watches and metal jewelry should be removed during your treatment. Clothes are left on, as energy can pass through clothing. You should relax and enjoy the treatment, however talking or asking questions is an individual choice. Allow your mental mind to release all thoughts and fears, so you can focus on the present experience. A Reiki practitioner works with the chakras or areas of specific pain. Private areas of the body are strictly avoided by the practitioner.  A pillow is placed under your knees and neck, in order to take pressure off of the spine. A piece of tissue with a lavender bag may be placed over the eyes to block out the light, if you prefer. Soft relaxing music is played. You may experience a shift in consciousness; this is an important part of healing. Reiki energy is gentle, and healing takes place over time. Shifts can be slow or quick to take place depending on the readiness of the individual to heal or release.  At the end of your session, Reiki is done at your feet in order to ground you.  After the treatment, your auric body is swept from head to toe, to help sooth it and to end the session. Some people feel energized afterwards, while others feel incredibly peaceful. You should drink six to eight glasses of water a day for a minimum of three days following your Reiki session this flushes toxins out of the system. Your practitioner may advise you as to when he or she feels you should return for a follow up appointment in order to maintain wellness. If this is difficult for you to find the time to schedule the appointments you would like, you should ask your Reiki practitioner about long distance or absentee healing. In the case of illness, you may wish to examine your lifestyle and make positive, healthful modifications.     

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