Hi Nicolette,
I hope all is well in your world. I just wanted to let you know that all is calm here at Grumans. I have a daily ritual going, whether I am physically here or not, in which I give thanks for all the wonderful things that I have in my world. We have also done a couple of things to our entranceway that you suggested. I have attached photos. One of the pictures is a "Mezuzah". Something from my Jewish world. It is at the entranceway to the restaurant
protecting all who enter. Thanks to you, I am at peace with everything around me and my world is a better place. Take care and I hope to see you again soon.

Peter Fraiberg

Owner of Grumans Restaurant and Catering


Hi Nicolette,

Just another HUGE THANK YOU for your Home Energy Clearing and Personal Clearing session.  What you did to calm our place down was amazing.  Things seem lighter and more relaxed.  Thanks for the tips on how to keep things lighter.  It's funny, because you knew that very little of the problems I was experiencing was to do with our house, but you helped clear the air (literally and figuratively) and helped me.  It was nice to know the issue I was suffering was in my control to change and you got that through to me in the whole evening.  You are so gifted, wise and smart.  Thanks for hitting me straight between the eyes with the obvious and for all the tools you provided for us to help me and our home.  Things are SOOOOO much better now.  After so many years of ups and downs and not seeing what I wanted to see, I am now seeing what I do want to see.  Instead of going to bed at night and dreading what may happen, I go to sleep peacefully.  I don't want to get into it too much, but seeing white lights instead of dark foreboding is soooo much more fun.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Your friends,

Linda and Stuart


I find Nicolette to be very grounded, kind and inviting. After our initial smudge I knew right away that my experience with her would be one that was inviting and rewarding. I have been to her twice now - the first time I was nervous not knowing what to expect and was instantly put at ease by her demeanor and voice.

After listening to my friend's share session I immediately regretted not coming prepared with some questions; so this time I came with some. Everyone was answered- very specifically to me. Nicolette is a five senses medium therefore very powerful. Some mediums can only hear, see, smell or feel- she can experience all of the above - she read into my past lives and into future.

When I leave her space I feel up lifted, cared for and perfectly human. I appreciate her as a life witness... And it's lovely knowing I'm never alone.


I put very little stock in the idea of coincidence. I have found that happenings in this lifetime are always meaningful, even when that meaning is not immediately visible. When a medium suggested that I seek out a local shamanic practitioner I allowed the universe to point me in the right direction. I ended up at Nicolette's front door. Nicolette was exactly the person to help me along my path at exactly the right time. She was patient with my questions. She is kind, humble, and so very accommodating. She was thorough, and satisfying with the services. Nicolette is an all around very lovely person, while maintaining a comfortable, professional environment. I am extremely grateful to have found a trustworthy shamanic practitioner, as well as plant the seeds of a relationship bound to grow.

With love and light,


P.S. I am truly grateful for you and your words of wisdom. In the near future I would like to discuss attending your classes. I have a strong feeling that my true calling in this life lies somewhere in the realm of healing and helping others.


Hello Nicolette - I just wanted to follow up with you and say an enormous Thank-you.  I was in to have a reading with you a few weeks ago and also asked you to perform a long-distance reiki on my father in-law, Brennan, who lives in Vancouver.  Brennan had been in excruciating pain in his head and sinuses for over 4 months and it was heart-breaking for all of us to see him suffer. When I asked you to do this, I really didn't have any expectations of it being successful, but was willing to try anything to help ease his suffering.

I don't know how it works, and I don't need to, but I want you to know that about 3 days after I saw you, Brennan had an episode where he became unconscious.  Then, after he was transported to the hospital, he awakened with absolutely no pain.  I mean, here is a man who had been on heavy doses of morphine for months, and he woke up pain-free.  He is once again at home, and although he is still ravaged with Leukemia, he is completely freed of pain and suffering. In addition, he is not bothered by light, where over the past few months he (and his wife) have had to live in darkness.  Now he enjoys sitting out in the sunshine and visiting with loved ones.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what ever it was that you did.




Hi Nicolette,

I hope this finds you well. I must apologize once again for interrupting your day off without thinking. That will not happen again. I did want to tell you that I had some real relief after my session with you. My hip is  less strained and the sharp jolts into my back have all but stopped. You past on a message to immediately stop whatever it was that I was doing to my throat. You thought smoking but I quit that 2 years ago and hoped that it wasn't too late.  I am however addicted  to extreme Dentyne gum ............... so maybe too much of all the additives ( there are several) in them is harming me. I do listen to everything that you said so I will keep trying to sort out the messages. I hope that I can come join you for drumming in the future. I really do need to get well after a draining year that I've put myself through. I do need to be who I really am and I appreciate people like you that help me along  the way.


Thanks again,



Hi Nicolette, you had asked me to give you some feed back on our session thurs so I shall do that as you request.in my opinion is was one of the best sessions I've had so  far, could it be I was just so receptive and open ,,,perhaps ,,or you have expanded your skill level, whatever it is its worked fine.my energy level has increased  but also my awareness of the inability to love myself has awakened, new awareness's always seem really strange at first and then the change slowly starts and acceptance begins,I'm sure i will never stop growing as long as I open my heart and mind to newness. becoming whole was in my daily reading Friday morning, the connection between mind and spirit becoming one, just as you talked about thurs night was in my book simple abundance the following day ,coincidence, we know better now don.t we!!!!  Saturday night in meditation the thought came to me ;;read living ,loving ,learning again by LEO BUSCUGLIA, he writes that learning to love yourself is exactly that ,,,a learned behavior rather then something that just happens,,,that's my wisdom for the da.  thank you ,,,till we meet again,



Thankful Nicolette for Saturday's Reading. I appreciate your wise healing gifts. The Raven and you helped me find clarity!


See you again!  Your gift is angelic and have a prosperous week!


Let me know if you run a class on guides, drumming and native spirit training!







Thank you again so much for today.  I had a great time and appreciate everything.


I’m so back in the groove.. just have to keep in it and that’s what you are helping me with.


I got out of a meeting at 4:00 and it was so beautiful outside.  I thought to myself, “What a Beautiful Day”.  Then I thought, “I would love to hear the song “Beautiful Day” by U2”.   So, I turned on the radio, put on FM (Which I rarely do) and on the 3rd station I checked, there was the song I wanted to hear.


That felt great.


Hope you have a great rest of the day!





Stuart Kasperski


Hi Nicolette,

I would just like to thank you for the Angel Card Reading and the wonderful Drumming Circle you facilitated.  It seems to me that all too often, we either hear the negative feedback, or no feedback at all, and I want you to know how much I enjoyed both sessions, and that I got so much out of it.


The guidance you provided through your reading and insights has made an incredible difference in my life and the path I chose to take.  It was definitely not the path of least resistance, and with your guidance, I went forward, and I am grateful beyond words that I did.  I am, currently enjoying a very blessed time with my daughter and grandson.  It is good.  It is better than it was and I believe it will only get better.


Over and above this experience that has turned out so well, and has found us all in a state of healing, I am finding that I am going back to doing a lot of stuff that helps me to stay connected to Spirit.  I want that in my life all the time, not just when crisis strikes.  Through your influence, I am hooked on drumming.  I have attended several drumming circles, and the feeling I have throughout the session and following the session is sustaining me.  I also bought my own drum (thanks to you), and I am smudging at home, both the other people that live with me (even if they're sleeping), and all areas of the house. It also helps me to stay connected.


Kara is going to write her own note to you, but I want you to know how much we both appreciate you and what you do, and what you have done, in particular, for us.  Kara is looking forward to your next Reiki level 2 workshop. 


Blessings to you Nicolette.





This is my testimony:


I was living in another province when I received a letter from my mom.

I had just checked myself into a Recovery Home, called "Angel House",  for women struggling with addictions.

My mom wrote of her visit with Nicolette.  Through my mom's reading, Nicolette had received word from my Spirit Guides.  The things she relayed to my mom, re-affirmed everything for me.  She spoke of my life, my struggles, my fears and my strengths.  It was all so accurate, it sent shivers up my spine.


In addiction, I had heard voices and saw things at times (I was not using hallucinogens).  However, I chalked up these experiences to a drug induced psychosis.  I was scared of my visions.  In the letter my mom wrote, the reading she had received from Nicolette was very clear - I had been seeing my Spirit Guides, they were, and always are, around me.  At times I was scared of them and believed them to be hallucinations.  I never told anyone of these experiences.  I thought everyone would assume I was crazy.  Nicolette, in her reading to my mom, assured me that I was not crazy.


Before seeking treatment, I was at deaths door.  My family and I had lost all faith that my situation would improve.  I know I had to leave my home and get as far away from everything as possible, or I would die.  Nicolette assured my mom that I would be okay.  It was my time to heal.  Through my children, I would grow spiritually.  I had not seen my children for 15 months at this time.  I believe my spirit guides were working over-time.  Nicolette's ability to hear them and pass the message along to my mom has changed my life.  Against my mom's "better judgement", she came and got me.  I have since been re-united with my family.  I have put addiction in my past and am trying to realize my dreams.  I have some gifts.  I spent years trying to rid myself of them, through drugs.  Now, I am learning to separate my feelings, from the feelings of others.  I am so grateful my mom met Nicolette and had an open mind and heart to receive the messages.  My mom left Nicolette with a mission and purpose.  Her faith in me has renewed my faith in myself. 


I am embarking on my journey to create a life I will find most fulfilling.  I have started taking Reiki classes.  We have come full circle.


I have been a skeptic - I am now a believer.


Thank you for everything Nicolette.  Never doubt your abilities - you are amazing.


In Gratitude,



Hello Little Flower:


I have been meaning to send you an email to thank you so much for the wonderful healing you and your guides gave me a month ago.  I have been deep in grieve so now I am reaching out.  It was so inspiring and also helped my father - our time together.  I carry it in my heart everyday. 


I would like to have another session with you shortly...but really wanted to see if you found another guide we spoke about.  I was getting Little Quill - but maybe that was for me?  Did you find someone on the ledge that you and your partner went to?  A child or wise woman?? I thought it was a gravesite and there was a female waiting for you to open your heart to?  It is all good!!  Anything there for you?


After our session, I got a wonderful message - that I need to write  for the world to view.  I need to understand more about Prayer Trees - specially from the natives along the Rocky mountains (Jasper/Banff).  This is a great story - but I am blocked.  Can you help me tell this story as I can't find anything written about prayer trees  and only feel what I am suppose to share it but am not native- ;)  I would love to see one or make one. Let me know.


This life is fun now.  Blessing to you



Hi Nicolette,


I would like to say thank you for the wonderful reading you did for me last Saturday.  I feel much better now since you did my reading knowing that everything will be fine.


You are a very gifted psychic and the way you perform your readings really make me feel comfortable and I would not hesitate to have you read for me again.  


Thank you.




Hi Nicolette - awhhhh such a good reading yesterday. Thank You for making my heart sing. It was one of those things that leaves me in awe. I was used as the messenger to tell my brother about the healer in Nelson....along with wood work, birds, trees, oxygen & fresh air. I am going to try to encourage him to come see you.


Your message to me about Feng Shui gives me a fine reason to not get discouraged. I loved your words about how I am using my de cluttering as a unique healing. I hadn't made the connection in quite that way but you are certainly right.


Enjoy the weekend. So glad our paths have crossed.