Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Journeying for Power Animals:  Power Animals give the individual as well as the Shaman gifts of sight, teachings of knowledge, protection and wisdom. Each person’s Power Animal is waiting for them (from birth) to call upon their unique characteristics and traits in order to aid them in their life’s path and challenges.  The Power Animals job is to keep its charge healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by providing guidance and support in day to day life. They also bring messages from your Spirit Guides and by supporting you with its unique characteristics. You can call on your Power Animal when you require extra assistance in any way.

Shamanic Extraction work - is based on the belief that unhealthy energy can become embedded in the individual’s energy field and is causing illness. This ‘unwanted energy’ is not necessarily something ‘bad’ it is simply something that is not a normal part of the individual’s energy field and does not belong there. Shamans see illnesses in visionary space and take them out by scooping and throwing the unwanted energy into a flame or into water to neutralize it. The shaman then sends healing energy from Creator to take its place. The final steps in this healing process is to offer a smudge blessing over the individual being healed and then drumming over their body to seal the healthy energy in.

Soul Retrieval:  is a term commonly used to describe the return of lost fragments of the spirit. Shamans believe that parts of the soul can splinter off due to intense trauma such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, injury, the loss of a relationship, the sadness over a departed loved one, or even from a perceived failure or an embarrassment or a frightening situation. The client may say they do not feel like themselves, are unnecessarily excessively tired or feel as if they’ve lost their direction in life..These soul fragments may sheer off to hide in safety in other dimensions, trying to escape from the traumas of life on earth. Shamans know the methods necessary to find soul fragments and have the capability to successfully retrieve them, for those they are called to heal. The retrieval of these fragments can result in the return of lost memories, skills, abilities, energy and power. They begin to feel whole and like themselves again. Soul retrieval can be incredibly powerful. You must have the support and protection of your Power Animal prior to Soul Retrieval work, for this reason both healing modalities take place during one single session.

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