Energy Clearing for Home or Business:


These processes take several hours to complete. A $500.00 flat rate is charged, which includes sacred ceremony prior to arriving, travel time to and from your home, the clearing itself, as well as samples of products for your own use. I will teach you my processes as I clear your space. In this way you are able to perform your own clearings in the future. This process includes:

  • description of products used and application
  • how to clear your personal energy
  • how to clear the energy in your home or business
  • a salt burn
  • prayer of protection/intention
  • sage smudging
  • rattle/feather/drum (depending on needs)
  • use of sacred symbols
  • testing the energy: bells
  • question and answer session

        Smudging is the act of clearing and releasing negative, unwanted or unhealthy thoughts, feelings, worries and energies. It brings a sense of peace, calm and grounding. Smudging can also cleanse your sacred space, home or business of heavy energies. In my practice, I offer each client a smudge blessing prior to beginning their Psychic Readings and Energy Healings.


        Smudging is a Native American tradition used while healing, clearing a space and for religious ceremonies. Requests are sent to Spirit and Creator by smudging and sending intentions upward with the smoke. The smoke from smudging is considered the message and the Smudge Fan the messenger.


        When people are under excessive emotional stress due to illness, financial worries, conflict, deadlines, counterproductive or competitive relationships etc., those energies can be left behind and cause your home or business to feel uncomfortable. Smudging is also use to clear energy when moving to a new home or while on vacation and staying in hotel rooms. It can be used when negative people have been in your home or when there has been a death or loss connected to your family or friends. Smudging can also be part of the grieving ritual for some cultures. Smudging should be used once every quarter to clean out accumulated energy in your home.

        Smudge sticks become sacred once intention is placed upon them during their use. Sacred intention can also be placed in the Sweet Grass and Buffalo Sage by the Native communities, at the time of picking.


        Smudge clearings can be performed with various herbs, plants and flowers including Juniper, Lavender, and Cedar, Sage, Sweet Grass and mugwort. The herbs most common used for smudge clearings are White Buffalo Sage and Sweet Grass. White Buffalo Sage is considered female energy and Sweet Grass is considered male energy.


        Sage is considered a hot herb and therefore brings a change in energy when burned. We feel this positive change in the energy, and a more expansive feeling in the room, as the smoke rises upward and moves through the air. Some feel Sage brings wisdom, while others feel it brings a connection to spirit.


        Loose Sage can be burned in a large shell and the smoke spread throughout the space with a feather or fan. As a prayer is usually spoken while smudging to set the intention, the Smudge is considered the message and the Smudge Fan, the messenger. A dish or shell is employed to catch falling ash.

        Sage has also been used for various sacred and religious rites ceremonies in England, Rome and China and is so safe, it can be eaten. 

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