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Soul Retrieval:  is a term commonly used to describe the return of lost fragments of the spirit. Shamans believe that parts of the soul can splinter off due to intense trauma such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, injury, the loss of a relationship, the sadness over a departed loved one, or even from a perceived failure or an embarrassment or a frightening situation. The client may say they do not feel like themselves, are unnecessarily excessively tired or feel as if they’ve lost their direction in life..These soul fragments may sheer off to hide in safety in other dimensions, trying to escape from the traumas of life on earth. Shamans know the methods necessary to find soul fragments and have the capability to successfully retrieve them, for those they are called to heal. The retrieval of these fragments can result in the return of lost memories, skills, abilities, energy and power. They begin to feel whole and like themselves again. Soul retrieval can be incredibly powerful. You must have the support and protection of your Power Animal prior to Soul Retrieval work, for this reason both healing modalities take place during one single session.

The Theta State 

The Theta State is one of four major levels of consciousness that researchers have identified as brain states. Our brainwave frequency, measured in cycles per second, or hertz, determines which brain state we are experiencing at a given moment. Beta (14-23 Hz) is the frequency range of the normal waking state and is associated with day-to-day-, externally focused activities.

The next level down, or slower, from beta is alpha (8-14 Hz). The alpha state is characterized by a relaxed internal focus and a sense of well-being.

 When our brainwaves have slowed down even more, to the rate of 4-8 Hz, we are in the theta state. This fascinating level of awareness is considered the doorway between the conscious and unconscious mind. Beyond theta is delta (0.5-4 Hz), the brain state of sleep.

In the theta state, we are deeply relaxed and highly receptive. Creativity and intuition flow freely, psychic abilities are enhanced, and anxiety gives way to a sense of well-being. Accelerated learning, problem solving, and spontaneous healing have also been attributed to the theta brain state.

As we listen to the theta pulse (a steady rhythmic sound beating four to eight times per second), our nervous system automatically adjusts to that rhythm, producing a predominance of theta brainwaves. This synchronization process is known as brainwave entrainment. It relies on a ‘frequency-following’ response, a naturally occurring phenomenon whereby the human brain has a tendency to change its primary frequency toward the frequency of a dominant external stimulus.

The shaman’s drumbeat has been used throughout history as a means of entering the trance state and is a prime example of a theta pulse. This universal rhythm is simple, repetitive, and invariably played in the theta tempo range. The trance that is induced is the theta state. That is why the rhythm of the shaman’s drum is often used to facilitate healing and transition.

 (Quote from Sounds True, Inc.)



Scrying is the use of an item to view people and events at a distance, in the future or that have already taken place. It is achieved by holding an object that the psychic focuses her gaze into until a vision appears. The most common objects used for scrying may include a mirror, water or crystals.


Telepathy, extrasensory perception and sixth sense


Telepathy, extrasensory perception and sixth sense are the transfer of thoughts, emotions or physical feelings from one person to the other or even from an animal to its owner or from an animal to a psychic.


Dream interpretation


Dream interpretation is the receiving and deciphering by a psychic, of information a client has received while in a sleep state. The psychic listens to the details surrounding the dream and connects to the energy of the Higher Self or the clients Guardian Angels or Guides, in order to assist the client in understanding what the message means.  


Munay-Ki Healers Rites


Munay-Ki Healers Rites are an energetic attunement of Shamanic Healers Rites through sacred ceremony, brought from the Munay-Ki Shamans in the Andes Mountains by Dr. Alberto Villaldo. These rites place Angelic and Animal Archetypes in the chakra system and open channels to higher spiritual knowledge.


Animal Readings and Healings


Psychic readings for animals are conducted first by listening to the owners observations and concerns about the animal. Following that, the psychic/healer tunes into the animals auric energy field and/or higher self to receive information regarding why or how the physical and emotional illness has occurred. The next step in this healing process is to utilize Shamanic and/or Reiki energy healing to integrate healthy energy and create balance and a sense of well being.   


Past Life Energy Healing


Past Life Energy Healing utilizes the psychic abilities of viewing past lives, in order to recognize and define unhealthy life patterns. Once this is established, Shamanic and/or Reiki healing takes place in order to shift the Karmic pattern associated with those past lives out of the etheric body.


Weapon Removal


Weapon Removal utilizes the psychic abilities of viewing past life injuries, in order to understand present day pain, the source of which has been undetected or otherwise misunderstood or undiagnosed. Once the source of this carry forward in injury or pain has been established, Shamanic and/or Reiki healing takes place in order to shift the injury out of the Spiritual cell memory.  

Energy Clearing for Home or Business:


These processes take several hours to complete. A $500.00 flat rate is charged, which includes sacred ceremony prior to arriving, travel time to and from your home, the clearing itself, as well as samples of products for your own use. I will teach you my processes as I clear your space. In this way you are able to perform your own clearings in the future. This process includes:

  • description of products used and application
  • how to clear your personal energy
  • how to clear the energy in your home or business
  • a salt burn
  • prayer of protection/intention
  • sage smudging
  • rattle/feather/drum (depending on needs)
  • use of sacred symbols
  • testing the energy: bells
  • question and answer session


Smudging is the act of clearing and releasing negative, unwanted or unhealthy thoughts, feelings, worries and energies. It brings a sense of peace, calm and grounding. Smudging can also cleanse your sacred space, home or business of heavy energies. In my practice, I offer each client a smudge blessing prior to beginning their Psychic Readings and Energy Healings.


Smudging is a Native American tradition used while healing, clearing a space and for religious ceremonies. Requests are sent to Spirit and Creator by smudging and sending intentions upward with the smoke. The smoke from smudging is considered the message and the Smudge Fan the messenger.


When people are under excessive emotional stress due to illness, financial worries, conflict, deadlines, counterproductive or competitive relationships etc., those energies can be left behind and cause your home or business to feel uncomfortable. Smudging is also use to clear energy when moving to a new home or while on vacation and staying in hotel rooms. It can be used when negative people have been in your home or when there has been a death or loss connected to your family or friends. Smudging can also be part of the grieving ritual for some cultures. Smudging should be used once every quarter to clean out accumulated energy in your home.

Smudge sticks become sacred once intention is placed upon them during their use. Sacred intention can also be placed in the Sweet Grass and Buffalo Sage by the Native communities, at the time of picking.


Smudge clearings can be performed with various herbs, plants and flowers including Juniper, Lavender, and Cedar, Sage, Sweet Grass and mugwort. The herbs most common used for smudge clearings are White Buffalo Sage and Sweet Grass. White Buffalo Sage is considered female energy and Sweet Grass is considered male energy.


Sage is considered a hot herb and therefore brings a change in energy when burned. We feel this positive change in the energy, and a more expansive feeling in the room, as the smoke rises upward and moves through the air. Some feel Sage brings wisdom, while others feel it brings a connection to spirit.


Loose Sage can be burned in a large shell and the smoke spread throughout the space with a feather or fan. As a prayer is usually spoken while smudging to set the intention, the Smudge is considered the message and the Smudge Fan, the messenger. A dish or shell is employed to catch falling ash.

Sage has also been used for various sacred and religious rites ceremonies in England, Rome and China and is so safe, it can be eaten. 

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