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Clear vision or seeing. This is a power attributed to a person who is able to ‘tune in to’ other dimensions in order to gain information about a person, a physical event or what happened at a location, with regards to past present or future events. A clairvoyant is someone who ‘sees’ things not present to the usual 5 senses. A personal example of this is when a client came to me requesting details surrounding a specific event that he himself had not witnessed. I was able to alleviate his concerns by corroborating what he had been told had happened. 


Clear knowing.  This is a clear feeling of knowing, without physical explanation that is projected from the spiritual or ethereal realms, which leaves a strong physical impression that something has happened or is going to happen. For example, a client came to me concerned about a legal court case he was involved in. We were able to see what events had transpired and what challenges would be brought up, in order that he could feel better prepared to deal with the situation.


Clear hearing or listening. To hear the thoughts, voices, sounds tones, noises, or actual words, from other realms, persons who have passed into other dimensions or from Spirit Guides, Spirit Animal Guardians, Angels, Archangels and/or Ancestors etc. Buddhism believes this is a higher state of consciousness. This is an actual perception of sound in the ‘inner mental ear’, similar to the way many people ‘think words’ without the auditory sound present. This differs from voices heard by the mentally ill because it reveals relevant information, given in a positive light, which is sought after by the client or the medium. An example of this is when I hear messages for my clients, from their Guardian Angels. Another example is when my grandmother recently passed. My mother sadly mentioned to me that she had so many unanswered questions, which she had meant to ask my grandmother and that now it was too late to do so. I suddenly felt my grandmother’s energy right beside us. I could feel her image and heard her speaking. As verification, a friend of mine, who is also a Psychic, called me only a few minutes later, stating my grandmother had been there saying she wanted me to channel messages from her, for my mother. My mother and I spent many happy hours listening to what grandma wanted us to know about her childhood and upbringing.  


Clear feelings or sensations.  This is the receiving of psychic knowledge, through very vivid feelings in the physical body. Someone who has the gift of clairsentience can perceive the thoughts, emotions and physical feelings of other people who are alive or who have passed over, through connecting to their vibrational frequency or auric energy. To experience personally, feelings of sadness, empathy, love, betrayal, fear, joy etc. from other dimensions of reality. For example, I felt the love and also the emotional pain of a young man who had passed, while I gave his messages and gifts to the love he had left behind. At one point his spirit actually moved into my body and I felt that he so desperately wanted to hug her goodbye, which I then did for him. I felt his love for her, his joy in holding her, as well as the pain of separation, as if it were my own. 


Clear smelling. This is the ability to access psychic knowledge through the sense of smell. An example of this is when I have visitations from Mother Mary or St. Therese, I smell flowers, when no one else does. My Spirit Guides also assist me with clairescence, by alerting me when the energy in Spiritual stores is unhealthy, by bringing a very distasteful odor to my attention. Again, no one else seems to be aware of this smell, even when I insist it is present and try to bring it to their attention. If I do not leave immediately, the odor becomes sickening and makes me feel nauseated. If I am really stubborn and insist on finishing my shopping prior to leaving, I then get a sharp tap on my shoulder and the words ‘get out now’.  

Channeled Reading

I encourage self care.  For this reason I believe channeled readings from your Angels are important.  They will provide you with compassionate support, direction on your spiritual path and processes for healing.  If you are unable to communicate with your Spiritual Guides yourself, this may help.

Channeled Writing:

This is a form of communication with Spirits, Angels, Guides and sometimes Ascended Masters or Saints, in order to bring messages to those in physical form by means of writing, with out knowledge of what is being said. To allow a spirit to control my pen and speak through it.

The Theta State 

The Theta State is one of four major levels of consciousness that researchers have identified as brain states. Our brainwave frequency, measured in cycles per second, or hertz, determines which brain state we are experiencing at a given moment. Beta (14-23 Hz) is the frequency range of the normal waking state and is associated with day-to-day-, externally focused activities.

The next level down, or slower, from beta is alpha (8-14 Hz). The alpha state is characterized by a relaxed internal focus and a sense of well-being.

 When our brainwaves have slowed down even more, to the rate of 4-8 Hz, we are in the theta state. This fascinating level of awareness is considered the doorway between the conscious and unconscious mind. Beyond theta is delta (0.5-4 Hz), the brain state of sleep.

In the theta state, we are deeply relaxed and highly receptive. Creativity and intuition flow freely, psychic abilities are enhanced, and anxiety gives way to a sense of well-being. Accelerated learning, problem solving, and spontaneous healing have also been attributed to the theta brain state.

As we listen to the theta pulse (a steady rhythmic sound beating four to eight times per second), our nervous system automatically adjusts to that rhythm, producing a predominance of theta brainwaves. This synchronization process is known as brainwave entrainment. It relies on a ‘frequency-following’ response, a naturally occurring phenomenon whereby the human brain has a tendency to change its primary frequency toward the frequency of a dominant external stimulus.

The shaman’s drumbeat has been used throughout history as a means of entering the trance state and is a prime example of a theta pulse. This universal rhythm is simple, repetitive, and invariably played in the theta tempo range. The trance that is induced is the theta state. That is why the rhythm of the shaman’s drum is often used to facilitate healing and transition.

 (Quote from Sounds True, Inc.)



Scrying is the use of an item to view people and events at a distance, in the future or that have already taken place. It is achieved by holding an object that the psychic focuses her gaze into until a vision appears. The most common objects used for scrying may include a mirror, water or crystals.


Telepathy, extrasensory perception and sixth sense


Telepathy, extrasensory perception and sixth sense are the transfer of thoughts, emotions or physical feelings from one person to the other or even from an animal to its owner or from an animal to a psychic.


Dream interpretation


Dream interpretation is the receiving and deciphering by a psychic, of information a client has received while in a sleep state. The psychic listens to the details surrounding the dream and connects to the energy of the Higher Self or the clients Guardian Angels or Guides, in order to assist the client in understanding what the message means.  


Munay-Ki Healers Rites


Munay-Ki Healers Rites are an energetic attunement of Shamanic Healers Rites through sacred ceremony, brought from the Munay-Ki Shamans in the Andes Mountains by Dr. Alberto Villaldo. These rites place Angelic and Animal Archetypes in the chakra system and open channels to higher spiritual knowledge.


Animal Readings and Healings


Psychic readings for animals are conducted first by listening to the owners observations and concerns about the animal. Following that, the psychic/healer tunes into the animals auric energy field and/or higher self to receive information regarding why or how the physical and emotional illness has occurred. The next step in this healing process is to utilize Shamanic and/or Reiki energy healing to integrate healthy energy and create balance and a sense of well being.   


Past Life Energy Healing


Past Life Energy Healing utilizes the psychic abilities of viewing past lives, in order to recognize and define unhealthy life patterns. Once this is established, Shamanic and/or Reiki healing takes place in order to shift the Karmic pattern associated with those past lives out of the etheric body.


Weapon Removal


Weapon Removal utilizes the psychic abilities of viewing past life injuries, in order to understand present day pain, the source of which has been undetected or otherwise misunderstood or undiagnosed. Once the source of this carry forward in injury or pain has been established, Shamanic and/or Reiki healing takes place in order to shift the injury out of the Spiritual cell memory.  

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