This is conscious communication with the spirits of friends and family that have passed into other dimensions of living.  Through intense focusing on their energy field through telepathy, I hear, see and feel messages from them directly or through their Over Soul, or Spirit Guides. The messages I relay are usually related to the questions you have relating to their life on Earth. I often pass on information about how they felt when they were no longer able to communicate with loved ones in their last days or about how much they love, watch over, and guide their loved ones from heaven.  They can now share more freely because their souls are in a higher realm of knowing and are free of the bonds that limit us while in human form. 



Holding an object that belonged to someone once in physical form, in order to speak with them and relay messages to those who love them. These objects allow me to connect with their energy field in order to contact them. It's kind of like holding a phone in your hand, in order to make a long distance call. It is a type of psychic reading and is sometimes easier to used, to get a 'better connection' than through using the 'clairs' alone.

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