Distance reading

A distant reading or remote perception can be conducted without the reader ever meeting the client in person and includes can include e-mail or telephone readings. As psychics utilize clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairescence for Divination, visual contact is not required.


Psychometry is obtaining information about a person, through holding an object or piece of clothing that was worn by them. Energy emanates from all living things and is powerful enough to be absorbed by non-living things they have owned. This is called an energy imprint. Psychometry is the ability to feel this energy and interpret it. This perception can come from visions, smells, sounds, emotions and physical sensations.

Remote viewing

Remote viewing is the gathering of information through psychic means from a distance. It allows a psychic to perceive and describe details about places they have never been, people they have never seen personally and situations that have occurred or are could occur in the future.


Retro cognition is the perception of past events that have already taken place.


Scrying is the use of an item to view people and events at a distance, in the future or that have already taken place. It is achieved by holding an object that the psychic focuses her gaze into until a vision appears. The most common objects used for scrying may include a mirror, water or crystals.

Telepathy, extrasensory perception and sixth sense

Telepathy, extrasensory perception and sixth sense are the transfer of thoughts, emotions or physical feelings from one person to the other or even from an animal to its owner or from an animal to a psychic.

Tarot Reading

Though not requiring psychic abilities, tarot cards can be used as a psychic tool. Tarot cards are very detailed and contain both Major and Minor Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana are seen as circumstances in our lives that we have some control over. The Major Arcana speak of life lessons that we have written into our scripts prior to our coming to Earth, that we must pass through for spiritual growth. Through the cards, a psychic can see images, colors, people etc., that appear as guidance from the clients Guardian Angels or Higher Self, for the purpose of giving the client pertinent information about their lives. Other cards often used for psychic readings may include Angel, Animal, Oracle, Ascended Masters, Saints and Angel or Goddess cards etc.


Channeling is the receiving of information, through speech or writing, by spiritual mediums, of messages from Spirits living in other dimensions of existence.

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is also called psychography. This is a type of writing which the psychic produces from a subconscious and/or spiritual source or state, sometimes without conscious awareness of the content. Automatic writing can happen while a psychic is in a trance state or in a waking state. Psychography is writing produced without conscious thought of what is being written on the paper.

Dream interpretation

Dream interpretation is the receiving and deciphering by a psychic, of information a client has received while in a sleep state. The psychic listens to the details surrounding the dream and connects to the energy of the Higher Self or the clients Guardian Angels or Guides, in order to assist the client in understanding what the message means. 

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