About Me

My Bio -

Nicolette has always felt the unconditional love of ‘Creator’ alive in her heart and soul. She connects with him deeply through her love of nature and of Mother Earth. She has found the study of Shamanism enhances her connection to Creator and to guidance from her Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Power Animal Guides and Ancestors.

As a young child, Nicolette realized she was hypersensitive to energies and other dimensions. This manifested itself in an ability to tune into other peoples’ energy or auras, where she could feel their feelings, emotions and thoughts, sensing situational outcomes.  As a child, she saw her own Spirit Guardians watching over her, as well those of other people. She was also visited by family members that had crossed over into other dimensions of living. By the time she was a teenager she was seeing and hearing Angels.  She first began channeling the Creators Healing Energy to assist with the healing of animals on her parent’s farm. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she learned this channeled energy was also known as Shamanism and Reiki.

Her first Shamanic teachings came to her from the Spirit world, through her ancestral Métis bloodlines. This is where she learned to protect her energy with stones, prayers and intention. She found she was very connected with the healing energies of Mother Earth, which lead to a deep affinity for animals, plants, forests, oceans and lakes. This Shamanic view of the world came to her naturally through her distant Métis bloodlines. She was later told by a Native Elder that she also had many past lives as Shamanic healers.

As a young adult, being seriously injured in a series of car accidents and with Western medicine failing to offer healing options, she returned to and focused her energy on enhancing her childhood gifts. Nicolette continues on her learning path, as she brings healing to herself, as well as offering it to others.

Nicolette went on to receive the Munay-Ki Healers Rites (Andes Mountain Shamans), as well as to study for certification in Western Shamanism and Usual Reiki. Nicolette is psychic and medium and facilitates the use of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairescence. She offers healing and direction through her certifications, gifts and skills. She considers herself a wounded healer. This is an individual whom, through serious personal physical and/or emotional injury and through seeking and finding her own healing path, is most capable of understanding and assisting in the healing of the wounds of others.

Join me on this Sacred Journey and your spirit will feel lifted, calmed, renewed and restored. Being born to this planet is a magical experience. And that magic continues to live all around us, in a world of spirit and energy.  Let me show you how to tap into your hidden gifts and balance life and health in the understanding of the inter- connectedness of all that Creator has blessed us with. I understand my client’s individual journeys and path. I am here to assist in guidance, hoping to see you soon, be well, and love and peace.