My name is Nicolette Ross and I am a Shamanic Practitioner / Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher/Healer, Oracle and Medium specializing in past life viewing/healing in Calgary, Alberta.

Welcome to my website.  It is my hope that you find it enlightening, informative, insightful and that it is a means by which I can assist in guiding you along your healing path.


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I am a Reiki Master in the original, Traditional Usui Method of Natural Healing. I am sixth in lineage from Mikao Usui.

I am also a Shamanic Practitioner specializing in Soul Retrieval.

I am an Oracle, Psychic and Medium. I specialize in past life viewing in order to release and heal present life challenges.

I also work with my clients psychic children, helping them understand, accept and utilize their gifts, in order to help them bring healing and joy into their own lives.

To some, this may seem like a lot of different hats to wear but really these gifts are all interconnected under one psychic umbrella.

I find when you focus on strengthening your sixth senses (skill we all have by the way) one gift and then the other naturally fall into place. This is realized through positive intention, training and consciously accessing the Universal Life Force Energy from which we all have come and are truly still part of: God/Goddess/Father/Mother/Creator.

My work is done with a clear intention of being in service to humanity.



My personal journey has been a wonderful and exciting adventure. One of my very first memories is of being able to tune into people’s feelings and energy. It was obvious to me I was sensing things of which others were not aware. This is a gift that I have always possessed and one for which I am thankful. Even at that young age, I was compelled to provide comfort and compassion to others.


As I journey along my spiritually guided path to healing myself and others, I have come to recognize many have similar gifts that are laying dormant, waiting to be awakened. I have been asked by some to share my knowledge and I feel compelled to do so, with those who seek it. I offer psychic and past life readings and mediumship, as well as Shamanic and Usui energy restoring and balancing. I utilize Shamanic drumming for soul retrieval, spiritual support from Power Animal Guides and as a meditative path to the world of Spiritual knowledge. I provide a nurturing environment that fosters wholeness on all levels. This encourages student to reconnect to the world of Spiritual guidance, in order to recognize their own inner gifts.


I'm hoping the information on my site will help you.  If you feel you could benefit from any of my services, please email me at


Love and Peace

*Note for booking appointments*
As we have been gifted with "free will", we have the opportunity to change our minds about any given situation, which alters our circumstances and outcomes.  For this reason please consider having and scheduling a reading with me once per quarter.  I'm enjoying helping all my clients and am booking further into the future, so please consider booking further in advance of your need, including possibly setting dates for each quarter and I would be happy to include you in my quarterly recall list..


Services Statement*



My intention is to guide my clients towards emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance. We will take this journey together in a safe and peaceful healing space, where I will utilize my training, experience and gifts, to the best of my abilities, to work towards this goal.


Each person has free will to accept, integrate or reject the Healing Energies that are offered during treatments. This means the outcome varies from client to client. Please be aware, we each have our own Spiritually guided healing path; it is created in synchronicity with your Higher Self, to achieve peace, harmony and balance in your life, when you are truly ready to accept these lesson.

Coming for treatment with an open heart and a grounded body, create a better outcome. A Smudge Blessing is included with each treatment, at no extra charge, in order to promote this state. The following is a list of my services, a description of each, plus a brief list of the benefits they may offer you. 


*Disclaimer - My services should not be considered medical advice and consulting your doctor is always recommended.




Certified Shamanic Practitioner/Teacher

 - Drum Journeying for Soul Retrieval and Spirit Animal

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher


 - True Original Usui Reiki


 - 6th in lineage from Master Usui

Certified Munay-Ki  Facilitator/Teacher



 - Specializing in Past Life Readings 


 - Past Life Healing & Weapon Removal